A little bit about us:

Hey there! I am Angie Mata, one of the faces behind Mail it! mailers and more. The mom of 3 amazing kids, a wife and a busy small buisness owner.

My passion has always been creating crafts, organizing party events and designing. In 2020 I was selling handmade items: bows, keychains, shirts and it was extemely difficult to find cute packaing to ship my orders. And that is how Mail it! mailers and more came about in late 2020. It has been such an amazing 2 years of business thanks to all of you! We recently adventured into our own branded poly mailers - seen here. I hope our products put a smile on your customers face when they receive beautifully packaged orders in their mailbox. I am so grateful for everything that my small business has accomplished thus far and excited to see what else is in our future.

xo Angie Mata